Friday, 25 May 2007

Word of the day

Todays word is twopointopia. Dana came across this in Annoyed Librarian, a blog. Blogging on 1 May, Annoyed Librarian said "I thought I'd made that one up, but I Googled it and someone beat me to it." Twopointopia is the new world that will be created by Library 2.0. And she is right - only 64 references in Google to the word, so you are in right at the beginning. Annoyed Librarian is using the word more, too, describing her part of the world as "not one of these fast-paced, post-modern twopointopias" in her May 23 post. For all those people who use the term Web 2.0, I'm afraid you are being parodied. And the same goes for those who use the term Library 2.0, only more so.

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