Thursday, 3 May 2007

Word of the day

Today's term is binge knowledging, and thanks to James Farmer, on the panel at the Wikipedia gig, for providing it. Like fairy gobsmacker, another term presented to the seminar, this one does not seem to have made it online yet. In essence, James believes that there is far too much knowledge around, so much so that we binge on it. We should talk to each other more and engage socially, he suggested.


Dana said...

When I did that gargantuan literature review, I read something similar described as "infobesity" (binging on low quality information, instead of finding high quality information that can really meet our needs). While I am sure Stephen J. Bell did not coin the term (though I don't know who did), he stretches the metaphor to its maximum in an article about library services in an article in the Higher Education Chronicle.

James said...

Thanks... I've never had a word of the day before :)

It'd be nice when it does make it online won't it!