Sunday, 13 May 2007

Thank you for voting for me - now for the next stage

Well, the ALIA adventure continues. I head off today, and then Monday is orientation day, Tuesday is the ALIA AGM, and Wednesday is the first Board meeting for the new Board. We have certainly been well-equipped for all this. I have two large folders which together weigh as much as I normally carry in luggage for a trip of this length - I am going to have to revise my luggage strategy.

I will also have to revise my strategy of reading the papers for meetings on the plane. First, there are too many. Second, the folders won't fit onto the fold-down tray on the plane, especially if I want the afternoon tea.

I've had to reconsider my normal laptop strategy (don't take one, they're a hassle). But who knows? I've got so much stuff I may as well throw in a laptop as well.

I am reminded of the well known saying "Beware of any enterprise which requires new clothes." I suppose this is aimed at weddings and new sports, but it seems a pretty good guide.

I will keep you all informed, of course.

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