Tuesday, 9 August 2011

République de Bananes

This is a Quebec website and blog, apparently a conservative one - styled L'autre Québec. I was initially intrigued because I am sure that that isn't the right translation of banana republic - for example, Wikipedia uses république bananière, and the Wictionnaire has a nice definition of this term, as well as of the new verb, bananiser, or to transform into a banana republic.
Definitely a cult site - you can even buy the flag of the République de Bananes on a postcard from Zazzle.


Jeff Plante said...

Hi there, My name is Jeff Plante and I am actually the editor of Republique de Bananes (thanks for the backlink by the way :-) )

The meaning is the same in french and in english.

Of course you understant that it's maybe a little second degree but not too much, i'll explain why.

As in most banana republic, politics is often blind, corrupted and in favor of a few lobbies.

Recently in the mainly french-speaking province of Quebec, links were finally proven between the mafia and the governement Not only in the political level but also really deep within the governement machine. Obviously, we all know that where there is money to be made with juicy governement contracts, well..... you know what i mean, right?

But much to our surprise we all found out that is was a well established system for many years.

Worst thing in that is that in this scandal, you have all majors governement officials, judges, unions, lobbies, businesses, medias etc...

Maclean's, Canadian most important weekly news magazine, titled not long ago that Quebec was by far the most corrupt province http://www2.macleans.ca/2010/09/24/the-most-corrupt-province/

So, long story short, the relative succes of Republique de Bananes was simply because it shows the public a different point of view than what you see or hear in close-to-government mainstream medias.

To give you an idea of the proximity, Montreal biggest talk radio station receives more than 60% of their advertizing revenues from governement sources.

Talk about kickback :-)

If you want to practice your french, i invite you to listen to our french-canadian quebecois accent here http://www.republiquedebananes.com/2011/08/29/edito-jeff-plante-la-discrimination-positive/

See ya

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