Thursday, 25 August 2011

Best football team in the world

Why is Barcelona (Barça) the best football team in the world? asks The Economist's management columnist Schumpeter. Part of the answer lies in an article written by my colleague Peter Gerrand and published in firstmonday five years ago - "Cultural diversity in cyberspace: the Catalan campaign to win the new .cat top level domain". It details the struggle to achieve a unique top level domain name (TLD),.cat. The name is unique because the campaign for it led to the creation of an entirely new category of TLDs, for linguistic and cultural communities. Catalonia, because it is a region of Spain as well as a nation, was not able to have a country code TLD (CCTLD), and Catalans did not want to use the CCTLD for Spain.

Schumpeter's point is not just about identity being a key to the success of Barça - and the success of any organisation. What else accounts for success? While its approach to football is obviously one answer, Barça, says Schumpeter, "has provided a distinctive solution to some of the most contentious problems in management theory." Four problems in particular.
"What is the right balance between stars and the rest of mankind? Should you buy talent or grow your own? How can you harness the enthusiasm of consumers to promote your brand? And how do you combine the advantages of local roots and global reach?" Read more in The Economist.

As a matter of fact, these are the very questions that a rising university like Swinburne University of Technology needs to ask, and answer.

And if you are actually interested in football, rather than management, you can read all about the best football team in the world on the English-language version of the FC Barcelona website.  

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