Friday, 21 December 2007

Word of the day

Today's word is GodTube. According to USA Today, "GodTube offers a wildly popular alternative to YouTube." This is a Christian alternative to YouTube. The goal, according to its founder, Chris Wyatt, is to "help the church get people back into the pews." While this may seem a curious goal for a site which now offers a choice of 38,000 watch-at-home Christian videos, Mr Wyatt is adamant that they also need to rock up to a pew for an in person experience.

I guess that Mr Wyatt is also glad that he got in first with the domain name, since
JewTube and IslamicTube have had to settle for the names of religions rather than the divine name that they share. And although we think ourselves to be pretty much out of trademark territory with religious video sites, the Utube Blog (an unofficial blog on YouTube and video sharing) suggests that the name, appearance and features of the GodTube site bear some uncanny resemblances.

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