Friday, 14 December 2007

Creative Commons Takes Off?

Creative Commons: Through the Looking Glass is a blog run by Elliott Bledsoe, who works for Creative Commons Australia. CCA has had a new lease of life (new as far as leases of life go in the copyright sphere, anyway) since Elliott moved in, and there have been a few postings to the dormant Australian Creative Commons list, too.

There is also a CCA Facebook group, and you can join the mailing list for Creative Commons Australia by going to their website. Not to mention an events calendar and a Flickr photo pool.

Creative Commons in Australia is part of the funded research under the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCi). It is hosted by Queensland University of Technology at the QUT Faculty of Law.

My problem with CCA is that I want some practical advice on how to implement Creative Commons at my institution, and no-one seems to tell me what to do. Not that I would necessarily do it, I just want some ideas for action.

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Jessica said...

Hi Derek

Jessica Coates from CCau here - thanks for the great blog post about us. One of our aims for this year was to get more information out to the community - glad it seems to be happening.

And we'd love to give you any help we can on implementing CC at your institution - feel free to drop me a line at