Thursday, 20 December 2007

Education and Workforce Summit

As some of you may know, I have some involvement with the forthcoming Education and Workforce Summit - in Melbourne, on 27-28 March (just after Easter). We have been refining the issues ever since I became part of the process, and a fraught task it is.

There is now a web page for the Summit, which has a call for contributions. Anyone who is interested in library education in Australia, or the future of the Australian library workforce, is invited to make a submission or comment to the Summit process. The document provides some questions and other information. The agenda for the Summit will be determined by what ALIA members, library employers and educators see as the main issues. We hope to make all submissions and suggestions accessible on the ALIA Summit website, and for that reason there is a limit of 5 pages for submissions.

One of the most common questions asked is: who will be attending the Summit? The capacity of the venue is 50, and we are still working out which 50 will be attending. We aim to ensure effective representation of the three categories of people I mentioned above, but also achieve agreement on a clear plan of action.

Hove a look at the site, and then have your say. The Summit is being organised by ALIA National Office, and you should send your contributions to Sue Hutley.

I will keep you posted. Feel free to post back too.

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