Thursday, 25 October 2007

The Librarians - more

The Librarians is becoming better and better known to us, short of actually having seen it. In fact there is so much information we may never need to watch it.

There is now a review in The Age, and a video preview of extracts from the show. There is also an interview with Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler, the writers (and actor), and ALIA has established a blog for the show - have a look at it. What is more, the ABC also has a website for the show.

I am sure that others could provide more. Have we gone too far already? See you on the 31st - we can talk about it. Or about the weather.


Ross McPhee said...

I'm looking forward to the ALIA screening party at RMIT. For those of us with self-deprecating senses of humour, it should be a fun night of laughing at ourselves.

Dana said...

Even the American library blogs have caught on to this one: It's all good.