Friday, 12 October 2007

"I don't make the rules"

Well, I've received my consignment of bookmarks promoting the new ABC television show, The Librarians, subtitled "a wicked new chapter in comedy." I have also seen several promotions for the show, which starts on 31 October at 9.30 pm.

I think we are starting to get something of the flavour of the program now. It is a comedy, and the ABC has done some great comedies. It does play on stereotypes, and we are going to have to live with that, and respond with some non-stereotypical images. I suspect that we may find that some of the elements of The Librarians are unsettling because they are true, and that can't do us any harm. The bookmark bears a picture of Frances, the chief librarian, and a quote from her - "I don't make the rules." Get one now.

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Andrew said...

I was sceptical when I first heard about the premise for the show, but seeing the trailer, I could definitely see elements of public libraries that, whilst they do play on stereotypes, there is very much an element of truth to them.

My feeling is that The Librarians will be to the public library industry as Faulty Towers is to the hotel industry.

If anything, it gives us an opportunity to have a good look at ourselves and think, "Wait a minute, are we really like that?" and if the answer is "yes", then maybe we need to make a change to ensure that the joke isn't on us.