Sunday, 8 July 2007


I have disbelieved the figures one reads in the Wikipedia and elsewhere about the number of blogs in the world - how can there be over 75 million? However, I was at a meeting of the board of the Australian Digital Alliance on Tuesday, and the chair of the board, Jamie Wodetzki, happened to mention his blog, the Breakfast Blog. I say "happened" but it is a blog to be proud of. It was the 2007 winner of the Best Australian/New Zealand Weblog in the annual bloggie awards and has been profiled and interviewed by Yahoo. I had no idea.

Not only does Jamie provide regular reviews of breakfast, but he also includes, in a June post to the blog, comments on the recent restaurant review issued by the High Court (Mr Justice Kirby dissenting) in John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd vs Gacic in June - read more about the case, which involves defamation, the Coco Roco restaurant, and its limoncello oysters . The blog is well worth looking at, especially if you enjoy breakfast out - and who doesn't?

Moreover, Jamie's day job, which is running a company called Exari, also involves another blog. This is for the company, which is all about a more effective way of putting together legal and other documents, such as contracts.

So there are lots of blogs, and they often leap out at you. You may have noticed some lapses in the appearance of this blog, especially last week. I am inspired by blogging achievements, although just keeping up is sometimes an achievement too. And I have lots of words of the day (or week) sitting around. More suggestions please!


Bec said...

Hi Derek
Perhaps it's time for another (hopefully not too inflammatory) discussion about the future of libraries, this time addressing the changing image of the librarian?

At least, the New York Times thinks it has changed:, perhaps not for the better.

Your carefully-considered response to this topic would be a wonderful antidote to my mad ravings!


Jill Stephens said...

HI Derek,

I think keeping up with a blog is also a challenge, to me it's like an ebb and a flow thing, I'll have lots of ideas, but not enough time, or around the other way...

I think we could have discussions on how to ensure you keep your blog happening, but that's probably for another time, there are more important issues to discuss.

I think blogs, like people, have their weeks, and various things happen or may not happen, the thing we need to ensure is that the blog stays current and people return to the blog to read it.

Here's my blog,


Derek Whitehead said...

Thank you Jill - I enjoyed your blog. And any time you want to post comments here on the changing image of the librarian, feel entirely free!


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