Friday, 27 April 2007

Interesting week for university librarians

And especially for this one. The biennial EDUCAUSE Conference starts in Melbourne on Sunday, going through to Wednesday, and is followed by CAUL, the twice-yearly meeting of university librarians. For this particular university librarian the week is given added variety by the calling of a university planning day on Wednesday, followed by a celebration dinner; each of us gets five minutes and three powerpoint slides. For me, the week starts today (Friday) when I have another five minutes, this time at the Melbourne leg of the Jimmy Wales Australian seminar tour; my five minutes is to represent the viewpoint of librarians, and is heavily informed by the contributors to this blog - of course, you'll all be acknowledged, very concisely.

While the week is likely to inhibit longer blog posts, this kind of thing usually reveals a rich array of previously unsuspected new words, and a little time to savour them. Well, quite a lot of time sometimes.

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