Monday, 16 April 2007

Blog changes direction

Many thanks to those scores of people (well, hundreds) who voted for me in the recently-declared ballot for vice president of ALIA. The job starts in May, when Roxanne Missingham becomes President of ALIA.

Congratulations to Damian Lodge and Kate Watson, who have been elected to the ALIA Board, where they will join Philip Keane,Michelle Brennand and Helen Partridge, whose terms extend to 2008.

Many thanks to Kevin Dudeney, Margaret Allen, Graham Black and Richard Sayers, who also contested these positions. They would all have been great additions to the ALIA Board, and hopefully will have other opportunities in ALIA in the future. It is great to see the level of interest and participation increasing.

Many thanks to the readers of this blog, too, and especially those who have posted long and thoughtful comments, and concise comments too. Several readers? Dozens? I think "happy throng" is probably a bit too much, Ainslie. This blog is having a slight change of direction, but not of name. It is no longer an electoral blog.

I am looking forward to being involved in ALIA again. I was reminded by Deirdre McNally that I currently hold the record for chairing the shortest AGM on record - Acquisitions Section, early 1990s, 2 minutes I think. Watch out.

I am looking forward to getting around. Kerrie Kelly and Tania Barry have already suggested that I should rock up to the National Library and Information Technicians Conference in October 2007 and the New Librarians Symposium in December 2008, respectively.

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