Saturday, 24 March 2007

Please vote

I seem to have encountered fairly recently most of the candidates in the current ALIA elections. Margaret Allen was of course active in the 2006 ALIA conference in Perth. Richard Sayers is the CAVAL trainer, and we had a chat at the recent gig to farewell Steve O'Connor (CAVAL CEO) on his departure for Hong Kong. Kate Watson called in to Swinburne not long ago to talk about repositories. And Graham Black is, of course, a noted member of CAUL, and we meet at CAUL things. I'm very glad that we have such a good field of candidates for this election. I haven't met Kevin Dudeney or Damian Lodge, but I'm sure they are nice people too. ALIA has an unfortunate tradition of a low turnout for elections. No excuse this time - please vote!

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Tania said...

Hi Derek

I can vouch for Kevin and Damian for you - both nice guys :)