Monday, 30 August 2010

Word of the day

Today's word is mega-aggregate. As regular readers of this blog (not an oxymoron, I hope) know, I prefer runtogethers to hyphenated words, but in this case the conjunction of two as makes this confusing - megaaggregate.

My thanks to Ex Libris, our library systems vendor, for this term. In fact they may have invented it when they developed Primo Central, a search / discovery product. I came across the word in their press release announcing the inclusion of Thomson Reuters Web of Science in Primo Central. 

Primo Central aggregates "hundreds of millions of global and regional e-resources, such as journal articles and e-books obtained from primary and secondary publishers and aggregators, as well as items obtained from open-access repositories", the press release says. And so it does. 

According to the Urban Dictionary, mega-aggregate isn't defined yet, so there is an opportunity for Ex Libris to engage in further self-promotion. According to Wordnik, there is no definition available for mega-aggregate, but they do quote two examples, both ultimately from Ex Libris press releases.

Interestingly, and despite the absence of a definition at this stage, Wordnik provides a facility to translate the word into a wide range of languages. However, this consists of using the term mega, untranslated, together with aggregate in various words for aggregation - such as mega-aggregat (Catalan) or mega-pinagsamang (Filipino).

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