Thursday, 23 October 2008

Word of the day

Today's word is lifewide, as used in recommendation 2 of the final report of the Australian ePortfolio Project. Lifewide is a term which parallels lifelong (as in "lifelong learning") using another adjective indicating dimension, and forming a runtogether. Browsing the Web, it's use is becoming quite common, most often in the eportfolio context. And there are only three uses recorded for an Australian search, one of them in a Swinburne thesis. Plenty of scope yet. And it was about time lifelong learning broke out of its straitjacket.

The scope for new coinages is as extensive as the number of relevant adjectives. Why not register - now? It is still available, and Google is only able to locate a few hundred instances of its use to date. Or - the international domain is gone, but the Australian domain is still available, and the term is almost brand new, hardly ever used.

The eportfolio report makes quite an interesting read, too. The next stage will be an eportfolio toolkit.

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