Thursday, 20 March 2008

ALIA Education and Workforce Summit

As we approach the summit, and the excitement mounts, I thought that I would highlight a few of the issues. In fact, the excitement is not really palpable, I'm afraid. Those excited about attending are by definition limited to 50-60 people (it is a summit) and as for those not attending, no-one has yet attempted to bribe me in order to attend, and even the polite requests are limited to several.

However, the issues are particularly important for us. We have isolated six issues in particular, and they are
1 What areas of skill shortage exist in libraries, and will exist in 5-10 years time?
2 What recruitment strategies should we be using, and who should be doing this?
3 What changes are need to our course recognition processes?
4 What can employers most usefully do in workforce planning and development?
5 How can we better integrate the current binary qualifications structure? What should be the qualification to be a librarian?
6 Can we provide "clear and feasible pathways for future non-professional participants in the LIS workforce who seek to attain professional status"?

Wondering what to do over Easter? Have a look at the summit home page, where there are 15 submissions, 4 issues papers and a background paper.


Anonymous said...

I'll be very interested to see the results of the discussions at the summit, Derek. However, I don't think I have anything worth proffering as a bribe ...

Anonymous said...

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