Friday, 3 August 2007

Word of the day

Only because it is your suggestion, Sue, am I having guybrarian as the word of the day. Not my kind of word. Although I suppose that it is worth including all styles of neologism. Not only that, but I am including an image, although I don't have any idea of what it means - pretty obviously a stereotype, I think, which is at least a change from female librarians being stereotyped. You can actually buy a copy of this as a sticker. "Put this on the bumper of your bookmobile", the site says. Only US$5.49.

As with so many engaging things, this came to notice through the discussion on the New York Times article on hip librarians. One correspondent said about the word "It's not uncommon to me, and I live in Mississippi." Whatever that means.


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Hi Derek

You might enjoy this from the Web4Lib list this morning, in response to the apparent need to create separate terms for male and female librarians:


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