Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Word of the Day

Here's the most popular word in the past month from a rival word of the day. It is meh, and is a term indicating indifference, to be used when one simply doesn't care. For example:
A: What do you want for dinner?
B: Meh.

The word is now sweeping the Internet, according to the
Guardian. Used in the Simpsons. Defined by Danny Katz as "totally blank-brained can't-be-stuffed indifference." Scored a startling 5934 positive votes and only 514 negative in the Urban Dictionary, a prolific (too prolific) source of new words of all kinds. It is "a slang dictionary. With your definitions." Thanks Debbie for the source.


Rebecca said...

Lorcan Dempsey said yesterday:

'The Urban Dictionary [is] an important cultural document which should be periodically captured'


CW said...

I use this word far too often, with usage increasing toward the end of the week.

I love words like this, which, until you start hearing/using them you never needed... :)

Derek Whitehead said...

Unlike many of the words in the Urban Dictionary (complete confections) is is one which we suspect has been lurking in our usage for some time, even if it hasn't: it seems natural.